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Your INFINITI is a luxury vehicle designed to give you a smooth ride — which means you’ll need the right set of tires for the best performance. Your INFINITI retailer in MANHASSET, NY stocks all kinds of tire types that fit your specific INFINITI model, and our tire experts will help match your vehicle and driving preferences with the right set.

How to Select the Proper Tires for Your INFINITI

The right type of tire can make a big difference in the overall performance of your INFINITI, which makes it crucial to choose the best tire type for your vehicle in MANHASSET. INFINITI Parts & Accessories and INFINITI retailers in MANHASSET stock performance (summer), winter, and all-season tires for your INFINITI, and all from the top brand names in tires. Factors such as your driving habits, where you drive most often, and which INFINITI you drive can all influence the type of tire that's best for your vehicle.

Once you’ve decided on your new set of tires, head to your local INFINITI retailer in MANHASSET for professional installation. We include our complimentary Road Hazard Coverage [1] with all eligible tire purchases, so if you get a flat, we’ll help cover the cost to replace it. Check out which types of tires you can get from INFINITI below to find a new set that works for you.

All-Season Tires for Sale in MANHASSET, NY from INFINITI

Looking for a year-round tire? All-season tires are dependable and offer the best year-round performance in MANHASSET. All-season tire tread is designed for provide optimum performance in dry weather and reliable grip on icy and wet roads. All-season tires are commonly preferred among drivers who want performance all year long without the hassle of switching to winter tires when the temperature starts to drop.

Performance Tires for Your Performance INFINITI Vehicle in MANHASSET, NY

Don’t let your sporty vehicle get held back with the wrong set of tires. Performance tires help your vehicle handle like it’s supposed to. Performance tires, also known as summer tires, are optimal for dry and wet conditions in warmer months and climates. The design of the tire, including the tread pattern and rubber compound, provide handling, cornering, and driving performance that all allow you to take the most advantage of your sporty INFINITI model or sport driving mode. Performance tires are recommended for MANHASSET drivers who enjoy peak performance from their INFINITI.

Keep Your Cool During the MANHASSET, NY Winter With Winter Tires

Winter tires are built for temperatures below 45ºF, not just ice and snow conditions. Deeper tread helps provide traction in wintery conditions, and a specialized rubber compound stops the tire from getting too stiff in extreme cold, which can negatively affect traction and handling. Installing winter tires on your INFINITI in the winter months could help provide reliable performance in snow and ice or even just cold temperatures.

Since winter tires’ rubber compound is made to stop the tire from getting to rigid in cold temperatures, warmer temperatures can cause the rubber to become too soft, possibly wearing the tire faster and decreasing driving performance. If the temperatures in MANHASSET, NY are consistently 45ºF and below, it’s a good time to equip winter tires. If you live in a colder climate that often sees snow, ice, and below freezing temps during the winter months, winter tires are likely a must-have for the most reliable driving experience.

Know When It’s Time to Replace the Tires on Your INFINITI

If the tread on your tire is at or below 3/32 of an inch, it may be time to replace your tires. You can easily gauge how worn your tread is by inserting a quarter head-side-down into the grooves of the tread. If you can see the top of Washington’s head sticking out of the tread, it’s time to start browsing new tires for your INFINITI. If may also be time for new tires if you notice decreased traction and handling, one or more tires are balding, you feel decreased performance when braking, there are cracks in the rubber, or you feel vibrations when you drive.

When it’s time to replace your INFINITI’s tires in MANHASSET, INFINITI Parts has you covered. We make it simple to browse the correct-sized tires for your model, year, and trim to make the right purchase. Ready to install your new tires? You can visit your local INFINITI retailer in MANHASSET to have your new tires installed by one of our professional technicians.