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New Tires in Knoxville, TN for Your INFINITI Model

Find new tires for your INFINITI no matter what model you drive. INFINITI Parts in Knoxville, TN offers top tire brands for all INFINITI sedan, SUV, and crossover models.

Shop New Tires in Knoxville, TN for Your INFINITI QX50 Compact SUV

Your INFINITI QX50 compact SUV has everything you want in a vehicle. What might be expensive upgrades on other SUVs are standard features on your QX50. From two touch-screen interfaces, LED headlights, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and plenty of advanced driver assistance systems, there’s no question that your QX50 SUV was built for anyone looking for a luxurious driving experience. You need tires that perform to the high standards of your vehicle. INFINITI Parts in Knoxville, TN makes it easy to buy tires for your QX50. Shop our tire inventory for INFINITI online by filtering tires options based on your year, model, and trim, then visit your local INFINITI retailer in Knoxville for installation.

Get the Right Tires in Knoxville for Your INFINITI Q50 Sedan

Your INFINITI Q50 is engineered with top-quality design, maximum performance, and peak comfort. Get the power you need from this INFINITI model with the comfort you expect from a luxury sedan. Your Q50 was built for the open road, no matter if your taking in the scenic Tennessee highways or taking in the Knoxville sights. Wherever you drive, your tires should give you the performance you expect from your INFINITI sedan. Browse our tire selection online in Knoxville, TN based on your Q50’s trim and year for winter, all-season, and summer tires that fit your vehicle.

Find Tires for Your INFINITI Q60 Coupe in Knoxville, TN

Your Q60 two-door coupe from INFINITI is engineered with a sporty and sleek look while still offering the same power level and comfort featured in the Q50 sedan. The Q60 has features any sports car lover would want and practically demands the right tires to match. Fortunately, you can easily find performance tires in Knoxville, TN that fit your Q60 by shopping for tires from INFINITI Parts online.

Find Tires in Knoxville for Your INFINITI QX80 SUV

The QX80 from INFINITI is a seven-passenger, full-size SUV that differs from other SUVs by providing elegant style and maximum comfort. With outstanding towing capacity [1], your INFINITI QX80 can go up against many light trucks with the added bonus of having a comfortable and luxurious ride. But before strapping your trailer or boat up for that Tennessee weekend vacation, you’ve got to make sure your SUV is equipped with the right set of tires. INFINITI Parts makes it easy to shop brand-name tires in Knoxville like Michelin, Bridgestone, and Hankook.

Provide the year and trim for your QX80, and check out our inventory of top all-season and winter tires that will fit your specific INFINITI SUV model. Once you’re ready to fit those new tires on your QX80, head to your local INFINITI retailer for professional installation from the pros that know your INFINITI vehicle best.

Why Purchase Tires from INFINITI Parts & Accessories in Knoxville

INFINITI Parts & Accessories not only makes it easy to find tires that work best for your vehicle, but you’ll also feel confident about your purchase. That’s because every eligible tire purchase comes with our INFINITI Tire Price Match [2] and Road Hazard Coverage. [3]

Our Tire Price Match program will price match eligible competitor quotes and give you an additional 5% credit toward select eligible tire purchases. And our Road Hazard Coverage means if you get a flat tire, we’ll repair or replace the damaged eligible tire. While other Knoxville tire shops might give you these benefits as an upgrade, it comes complimentary on eligible tire purchases when buying tires from INFINITI Parts & Accessories in Knoxville. [3]

Find tires online in Knoxville that fit your INFINITI vehicle, then visit your INFINITI retailer in Knoxville, TN for professional installation from the experts who know your vehicle.